We welcome the groups from 15 people all days from april to october on reservation





Price :

Group more
than 20 people :

6,50 €/adult

Group between
15 and 20 people :

Duration : 50 minutes.


Guided tour in English (if all people speak english onboard)

For liven up your day, others visits are possible in Brantôme and around the city



Further information :

Capacity on board 49 persons. If the group is more than 49 persons, we can do the trip on twice.

Bus driver - free

Bus parking :  free, next to the parc of monks.

Toilets : free, next to landing stage, next to Abbey square

Between July 14th and August 31th, we welcome groups only at 10 a.m.

Groups rates are only applicable for all reservations made 24 hours in advance.

Passengers are protected from rain or strong sun by blinds.